This is an open invitation for all interviewees, participants, supporters, Dutch people living in Mexico, and Mexicans with an interest in the Netherlands to join us for this event. All proceeds accumulated through book sales and entry fees will be donated to the following charities:

Risaterapia AC

Established in 1999, Risaterapia, A.C. is a Mexican non-profit organization made up of dedicated men and women who are committed to promoting happiness.

Our Mission is to develop teams of friends that help to renew the certainty of creating a better world through constructive actions and humanising experiences of joy. To achieve this, we visit public hospitals, homes for children and the elderly, rural and indigenous communities, and even the streets of the cities in which we work.

Through superior social, educational, integrative, and communicative actions, our volunteers and collaborators generate positive changes in people, groups of people and societies, in order to realise our vision.

With the help of nearly 1,000 active volunteers in 31 cities, we reach 54,000 people annually in the various vulnerable communities that we visit.

We believe that humanising experiences can regenerate social empathy, and that inner peace is achieved through the equality of social peace.

One of our goals is to grow until we have volunteers in every community in Mexico that needs us.
If you want to be involved in this magic combination of love and happiness, and help lead us into social peace, visit our website or reach us by email.

Additionally, all sales of this book will help us grow, so show your support by picking up a copy.

Casa Jaasiel AC