Data is everything in the mining industry. But data without the proper context is nowhere near as useful. This is the founding vision behind the creation of Mexico Mining Review: to be the essential read on the evolving opportunities in the Mexican mining industry. After a successful first edition, Mexico Mining Review is building on its foundations to provide more thorough analysis of mining trends and developments, to carry out deeper interviews with top stakeholders, and accelerate the exchange of vital industry information.

Mexico Mining Review 2015 provides a comprehensive look ahead at the challenges and the success stories dotted across the Mexican landscape. Our analysis is based on constant one-on-one interaction with the executives and mining officials that make the mining sector tick, as much as any gold or silver deposits. We look at the events and decisions shaping the Mexican mining industry from a business, political, legal and regulatory perspective. Moreover, we provide recommendations and insights into principal operational and technical challenges while introducing proven technologies that could revitalize exploration and production. Across our print, iPad and online editions, Mexico Mining Review stands out as the voice of the Mexican mining industry.

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